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Our staff combines extensive experience, compassion and a commitment to address your needs and promote patient awareness to the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle patterns that trigger headache occurrences.

Our Mission

Headache Wellness Center is dedicated to helping patients treat their headaches and return to normal activities.  Our center specializes in the diagnosis and management of complicated headaches. 

Our Approach

Our center promotes headache wellness utilizing a multidisciplinary team, with both medicinal and non-medicinal alternatives.  Our providers are known for their expertise in accurately diagnosing difficult migraine, tension, cluster and other headaches.  We pride ourselves in a preventative care approach recognizing that headaches are a biological disorder, which may not be cured, but can be managed.  Finding the cause is the first step to understanding the treatment plan.  Each patient works as a partner with our providers in the treatment of his or her headache disorder.  We help you identify measures to achieve headache wellness without the use of medicine.  Identifying what triggers the onset of your headaches may call for changes in life-style.  A therapy and treatment plan is individualized with the possible use of medications that are both preventive and pain relieving.

Pro-Active Efforts

Headache Wellness Center is proud of its role in developing improved treatments for head pain.  Our Center is a premier clinical research facility in the Greensboro/High Point - TRIAD area.  Headache Wellness Center is actively involved in ongoing clinical evaluation trials for new pharmacologic agents and the development of new protocols for existing medications.  Our Center values the importance of conducting scientific research which can lead to an improved understanding and treatment of headaches.